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Delano Dunn: Dreams of Fire and Starshine
May 30th - August 10th.
Opening Reception: May 30th, 2018
2 Gateway Center, Newark

Project for Empty Space is pleased to present Dreams of Fire and Starshine a solo exhibition by PES Artist in Residence Delano Dunn. This multi-component exhibition will open on Wednesday, May 30th with a public reception from 6 - 8pm, at 2 Gateway Center in downtown Newark, NJ.

Delano Dunn’s Dreams of Fire and Starshine is a journey through past, present, personal, and potential futures in an intersectional feminist world. It is a contemplation on “real power” versus imaginary power and the internal reconciliation processes that we as a society go through in dealing with those perceptions of power. The overall aesthetic of the exhibition is definitively harkening back to a particular chronological perception of ‘the future’: Dunn pulls bright neon colors, neon lights, iridescent geometries and a Hollywood vibe that is specific to the 1980s.

The complete new body of work, which was created during Dunn’s year-long residency at Project for Empty Space, is presented in three distinct and nuanced phases. Understanding the intricate narratives of each section is an integral element to understanding the wholistic overture of the exhibition.

Dreams of Fire and Starshine will be on view at Project for Empty Space through August 10th, 2017.

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